Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exec Dir Dreams

I was speaking to my executive coach the other day who instructed me to surround myself with dream builders rather than dream killers! There are certainly some dream killers in the world, aren't there?

I find that working with big bureaucracies makes my dreams seem small and dim...barely legible....kinda foggy.

I like having dreams though and they keep that flame sparked and at least vaguely kindled inside and despite the closing doors, I am reminded that anyone who ever did anything cool did so after many doors closed, rejections and stupid mistakes. Well, I have done the research in those areas but am gratified by the successes and by the opening doors too.

Had lunch with a banker today. Not sure how someone like that sees someone like me but have to be sure that it was an experience worth having. Good can come of it (though the "dream" that included a big check with ARTPEACE written on it did not come true quite yet! Doh!!)

To be certain, those are on there way...flowing in.

Ciao, All. Sure would love to hear from you.



innovate said...

Keep fighting the good fight! The spirit of change and true innovation is understood by few. Mass production and systematic methods are commonplace. What you are doing is both innovative and has great impact for change. The city of Rochester has it challenges. Keep being the light. Keep dreaming. Keep inspiring. Find yourself a good CFO. You need a strong finance person. Don’t delay in this area. Peace to you. Your secret admire.

Fisher said...

The title of your web site says it all - you are on a great path. Dream Killers are just frustrated Dream Builders. Dream Builders share their dreams with you and listen to yours. Then there is a whole slew of people who get glassy-eyed and nod their heads, but they are not listening at all. I think they probably have no dreams. They need to meet you.

Bonnie Nizamis said...

YOU are a dream builder for many....and don't you forget it! Two new "mantras" a friend and I have this year: I CAN - I WILL, and DESIRE - DISCIPLINE. Maybe stick those in your thoughts. As well - the book The Secret is a must read. May all your dreams come true!

KrisRapp said...

Thanks for all the great comments!

Innovate, I would like to talk to you directly. Can you tell me more about who you are or how to reach you?