Saturday, August 23, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Caught the blog bug for a bit, but now I wonder. Who reads the blogs of others? Do we write them mostly for ourselves? Is this my new journal? I have heard it is important to read blogs before you write one. I have read a few...

Here's a little update on ArtPeace. We are in negotiations with our contract with the Rochester City School District. Always a tricky thing. The ArtPeace@East program is doubling this year and we are going with the flow... 160 students in all. 1 new administrator. 10 teachers. 3-4 artists... teaching in arts and technology integrated ways.

The Young Entrepreneur Program had its 4th successful year! It was a wonderful showcase. Bittersweet as we honored Jessica Avilas - young culinary arts apprentice who was killed this summer and Tiny Glover, storyteller and ArtPeace teaching artist, who passed away this April.

We were joined at the showcase of entrepreneurial work by lots of friends, including Mayor Bob Duffy, Supt Jean-Claude Brizard, Jean Howard (Mayor's Chief of Staff), Hon. Elaine Spaull, Hon. Carolee Conklin, City Council members, RCSD representatives, East High representatives, ArtPeace Board Chair, Steven Schwab, Board members Nancy Zawacki, Sara Huges, Angela Johnson, Shane Dale, etc. Also Channel 13, our new friends this summer.

We are working to continue the Young Entrepreneur Program going all year long at the beautiful, historic landmark building, the Jonathan Child House at 35 South Washington Street, across from the Rochester City School District Central Office. It's our home. We want to stay.

All support is appreciated!!

Check us out at - throw us a bone.

G'Night All.


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