Monday, March 29, 2010

To Sleep or Blog?

It's 7:28am, kids just got on the bus. Go back to bed or blog?

I signed up for a world of paper when I decided to start and administrate a NYS not-for-profit organization. All this and NO PROFIT too! Smart. Well, when I die from stress and lack of sleep, please bury me in all the paperwork on my dining room table. Complete it for me too, would you?

All this and begging for money too! Don't you want to lead another of the thousands of non-profit organizations that are under-funded? Come on.

When I was born my parents looked at me and said "someday, our daughter will be a maker of change." Now, it sometimes feels like I'd rather make change at a book store or little coffee house. That way when some arbitrary decision to cut funding comes along, I won't have to face letting go of staff or deciding how much to slice of my own salary.

Boy, I think I should have gone back to bed.

Let's start again. There is a deep and infinite source for GOOD and healing and LOVE in the Universe. Awaiting our tapping in. Better go knock.

Peace, Brothers and Sisters.