Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Happened to the Century When the World Was Made with Art & Peace?

Today is Jesse's birthday (he is my son). He turned 7. Well, it is after midnight now so yesterday was technically his b'day. Big party this weekend.

Wow! We live in interesting times right now, eh? It seems enlivening and invigorating to see such dramatic shift and change in play, as unsettling as it can be at times. For the most part, I maintain a cup half full perspective.

I am excited that ArtPeace is bringing City at Peace-Rochester's Through Our Eyes to the stage this weekend for its WORLD PREMIERE. It is happening at East High Auditorium at 7:30pm on Fri and Sat, May 29 & 30. I think it is going to be great. These diverse young people (13-19) from throughout Monroe County have worked hard and are also learning skills in conflict resolution, peacemaking, social change and leadership development. The City at Peace founder is in town this weekend and other City at Peace alumni will be on hand to help make the show a success!

ArtPeace is scrambling to get through the end of the year at ArtPeace@East (7th & 8th grade arts and technology integrated school program at East High) and to get ready for their evening showcase "Change Through Perserverance" to end the year - 7-9pm at East High Auditorium.

We are also preparing the way for the 5th annual ArtPeace Young Entrepreneurs program which will be bigger than ever this year! That is bound to be fun and lots of work. The plan is to have many cool businesses -- silk screening, photography, graphic design, filmmaking, culinary arts, landscaping and horticulutre, music and sound recording, dance and movement, visual arts, etc.

We are still looking for our home to house the program and to stay in for the year. Oy! That has been a tough process and I am ready to click my ruby slippers and find the right place.

There is a lot going on and I am still trying to balance it with time with my kids. We haven't had a nanny or child care all year so it feels good to take care of our kiddos in the midst of my husband, David, and I working for ArtPeace full time. We are looking for angels to help us keep it going and create the CENTER we dream of (capital funds campaign)! The youth of this community need the myriad of creative, entrepreneurial, literacy-enhancing and fitness producing projects we can offer! Adults too.

I am very determined to make things soar in 2009-2010 despite the world view.

All things are possible...

Peace Y'All and shout back if you're listenin'...