Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saw the Mayor on Channel 8 last week talking about kids and crime and the NEED to have after school work programs! ArtPeace couldn’t agree more!

ArtPeace is working with other youth, education and arts organizations to come together in a bigger way so as to not duplicate services. The time is NOW!!!

ArtPeace stands READY to work together and
with other community organizations and citizens,
sharing and extending resources to:


2. Employ youth and adults in challenging and productive ways!

3. To educate and ENGAGE young people!

The time is now. We must not let the “economy” of dollars stop us from innovating…and building an “economy” of thinkers!

What’s needed now is a focus on our strengths and on what’s good. Our resources are plentiful when directed properly and it will be our young people that will create the next generation of revolutionary ideas, inventions and new avenues of prosperity!

ArtPeace and other local organizations can serve more kids and adults on the East, Central and West sides of the city right away if the proper funds are raised! Who will step up to help make this happen?

Unused space in this community has been identified in several areas. Many more empty houses and buildings throughout our city sit unused. Why not make these into active centers of creativity, action and education??


ArtPeace can start tomorrow with at least 5 other businesses in collaboration and probably many more... Will YOU join us??

LOOK at our young people with fresh eyes, in a good light, and inspire them to ACTION alongside us.

We are the peacemakers, we are the dreamers of dreams, we are the leaders who will rise and transform this community unto a new day dawning...